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10 Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga is an ancient practice that may be over five thousand years old as per some estimates. While it’s apparent that yoga makes people flexible, many benefits come with the activity. Furthermore, while it’s embraced in the West primarily by women, the benefits of yoga for men are too many to ignore.

Yoga goes beyond physical fitness. It has the power to influence your health, your thoughts, and your spiritual wellness. Men that learn about these benefits will likely be looking to sign up for classes with their local instructor.

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

When thinking about yoga, cardiovascular activity may not be the first description that comes to mind. However, you may be surprised to find out that yoga is a great way of boosting cardiovascular health. A study on the effects of the ancient technique confirms this.

Many men neglect their heart and circulatory system health, often with dire consequences. A hectic routine, poor nutrition, and high levels of stress contribute to this silent killer. CDC statistics confirm the extent of the problem in men. In the United States, about 25% percent of men die from heart and circulatory problems.

There’s no need for exhausting cardio that takes a toll on your joints. Yoga provides a low-intensity way of reducing your chances of cardiovascular disease.

2. Helps With Digestion

Yoga helps digestion on two levels. It mitigates digestion issues by strengthening the abdominals while your parasympathetic system activates to help process food.

Additionally, the contortion you achieve while practicing stances further helps your internal organs do their job. Your liver and lymphatic system get the twisting they need to better rid you of toxins.

3. Helps Mitigate Symptoms of Diabetes

By practicing yoga, diabetics can reduce their stress-related hyperglycemia. This translates to a positive effect on their control of blood glucose which is cost-effective and diminishes the need for medication.

4. Strengthens Your Immune System

In a world where infections can arise and affect large portions of the population, a strong immune system is key. Studies show that the mind-body connection that practitioners develop with yoga carries over to their immune health. This hinges mainly on the technique’s ability to reduce inflammation in those that practice yoga regularly.

5. Works Synergistically With Your Other Fitness Activities

Whether you play football, practice martial arts, or involve yourself in other high-intensity sports, yoga complements your fitness endeavors perfectly. Many high-performance athletes use yoga to wind down from competition as well as for injury recovery.

To excel in sports, balance, core strength and flexibility make a big difference. Yoga is a functional activity that focuses on the details that set your athletic performance apart from your competition.

6. Fosters Weight Loss

Even if you’re not shooting to become a championship athlete, controlling your weight is important to your long-term health. As men age, the pounds seem to pack onto the mid-section and other areas. The statistics concerning excess fat in men indicate a 17% increase in mortality for every two-inch increase in waist size.

Yoga will help you curb your appetite. Furthermore, the calorie-burning of yoga per 30-minute session is on par with activities such as weight-lifting and water aerobics.

7. Boosts Your Sex Life

A recent study shows that yoga improves men’s sex lives. Measured aspects such as satisfaction, sexual desire, confidence, performance, and ejaculation were all enhanced in yoga-practicing subjects. This certainly makes yoga a better alternative than popping pills or seeking other medical treatments.

8. Benefits Testicular Cancer Survivors

Testicular cancer is a serious concern for men. The numbers show that there are nearly ten thousand diagnoses in the United States. Yoga can play an important role in improving the quality of life in survivors.

As a testicular cancer survivor, you don’t have to live with the fatigue and mental issues that accompany your post-surgery days. Boosting your immune system and endorphins will ensure that you move forward with a productive and fulfilled life.

9. Improves Mental Health

Mental health is a factor that comes into play in most of the previously mentioned benefits. However, it’s important to look at this aspect of life on its own concerning yoga. Men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women. Men’s suicide statistics increase even more in veterans when you consider that depression is much greater in this category.

Yoga helps deal with post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues that can be debilitating for men. After only a few weeks of yoga, practitioners find that their mood improves and their outlook on life is more positive.

10. Increases Productivity

Men are born to strive and achieve. Improving your physical and mental health is enough to boost your productivity in the competitive world we live in. High-performance executives use yoga as a tool to propel them forward in their business endeavors. It’s no coincidence that most business leaders draw energy and focus from practicing yoga regularly.

Start Transforming Your Life

The potential benefits of yoga for men are too many to ignore. For those skeptical about diving into an activity that seems challenging, know that a good yoga instructor will make you feel at ease. Yoga is about going at your own pace and improving at the rate that your physiology allows.

Visit your local yoga studio today and begin your journey to personal enlightenment. To maximize your experience, keep a journal that details your yoga journey both in and beyond the sessions. Start by recording how you feel upon undertaking the yoga path. You will notice that your journal entries will start to reflect a new you as the weeks pass. Reviewing your first entries will reveal the benefits of yoga in your life.

Isabel Ludick
Isabel is an avid yoga practitioner, who loves travelling, living life to the fullest, and cats. She loves living healthy and inspiring others to be the best they can be. When she's not performing her asanas or writing, you can find her at exquisite wine tastings around the world.